Thursday, June 04, 2009

Worst Idea Ever Award

I love KALX, I really do. Sometimes they play terrible music, though, so bad that I can't even finish the song, and have to change the station to some commercial station playing the same horrid song I've heard a million times, or a commercial touting the "Diet Cola for Men". But this music is not KALX's fault, which is why it's time for themacinator to introduce the newest award:

The Worst Idea Ever.

Apparently Ben Folds decided to go around the country and tape a capella groups covering his songs. He made an album from these songs. And KALX played one of these songs. The song I heard, UNC Chapel Hell's version of "Jesusland" was so bad I had to change the channel. Maybe it was good, and just got on everyone of my last nerves, but that is a generous "maybe." The song brings back every bad memory of prep school (I didn't even GO to prep school!) and of Ivy League colleges and their cohorts (again, I didn't go to an Ivy). The press release even mentions the Whiffenpoofs. I mean, really? There's the almost-in-tuneness of it all, and the fake little beat-boxing. The higher registers that belong to real singers (man, I'm a snob) and the way that any potential for goodness in this song is just sucked out of it. I don't know "Jesusland" but I have absolutely no desire to know it now.

If you want to hear the song, click "really bad a capella". I warn you, it's bad. I'm not even going to listen to it. I've heard enough of the first few lines while publishing this that I might cry. You don't have to listen, either, but what good would this post be without a demonstration of just how bad this idea is?

really bad a capella