Thursday, July 09, 2009

Always the Last One to the Party

You've probably seen this, if you're in the Oakland loop, but if you've followed my blog for even a week, you know I'm always a little late.

This video is hilarious in a Borat way- totally offensive, and totally hilarious. Only I hated Borat and I love this. Maybe because Borat was racist and awful and this just... disses Oakland. I can take it. Plus, it totally also hates on Mission hipsters at the end, which makes it all worth it. That and the green and gold lettering. Sick.


thb said...

This would've been soooooooo much better if the Hey Sarah Palin team did it and set it to music! There's a lot to work with when it comes to Oak-land not being cool

KHB said...

loooove it. especially the i hella love oakland girl after zachary's. and was that a suburu they were ghost riding? classic.

themacinator said...

i agree- pretty awesome!