Friday, July 10, 2009

Antoine Wilson: The Interloper

I'm thinking of adding a category on the blog of "Don't read this book." It's sad, really, but true. The premise of Antoine Wilson's "The Interloper" is nice, but the book is really not that nice. But again, I'm trying to read all of my books, and I'm feeling guilty because I bought 3 books at Diesel last week, so I had a lapse in my resolve not to be compulsive about finishing bad books. So I Read The Whole Thing even though it sucked. Dad gives me books, and we go through them- books he likes and books we think I'll like. I try to only take the books he thinks are good (I'm a bad giver- I only give away books I don't like...) but somehow I keep getting dogs. Not dog-dogs, but dogs like they suck, dogs. Anyway.

Protagonist/narrator Owen's wife's brother dies. It ruins their marriage. Owen resolves to fix their marriage by creating an elaborate ruse that somehow he is convinced will bring his wife back to him. He (by way of Antoine Wilson) doesn't even convince the dear reader that this ruse is real, let alone going to bring Owen's wife back, so the whole thing is a little... shaky. The characters are all a little shaky and odd and don't fit together well. Why did Owen marry his wife to begin with? Why did Owen's parents marry each other? What town does this take place in- somewhere in the OC, it seems like, but it's not quite clear. And is Owen some kind of autistic person? Or a sociopath? Yeah, skip this one, too. Sorry to keep reviewing books that suck, but... I'm working on finding dear themacinator readers a better one. I promise.