Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ehud Havazelet: Bearing the Body

I did not like this book. I try to like the books dad gives me, because he has good taste, and I feel like there must be some reason he invested in them, and even more, there must be some reason he felt I would like them. So I was so, so let down to find out that I had slogged through this one and he hadn't liked it either. Sheesh. OK, not that let down, just disappointed that I had bothered to read this book at all. Put them down, themacinator, if you don't like them! I'm sure someone would like it. Someone who hadn't grown up reading every book about Holocaust survivors and their families. And who hadn't read a billion books about the traumas drug use can cause on families. This book is a combination of the two- and that might be exciting and stimulating and page-turning for someone who doesn't ho-hum about it. It just felt ... trite to me. The ending was even expected. Part of the book takes place in San Francisco, but the details are just vague enough that I was left wondering if the author even had visited San Francisco or if he had just kind of melded Chinatown, Union Square, and the Tenderloin into one seedy image that served his purposes. And wit that ringing endorsement, this one is in the give-away pile if you want it.