Friday, July 31, 2009

The Elephant Brothers

If these guys:

were the Bash Brothers,

Then maybe these guys:


are the Elephant Brothers.

I mean, I know I just made it up, but I saw them in person, and they're huge. New call-up Tommy Everidge seems even bigger than Jack Cust, if it's possible, and when they were on base at the same time- well, they reminded me of that thing they do on Diamond Vision when Stomper (the elephant) shakes the whole screen. I can't find it online- bonus points if you can. The puppet version of Stomper comes down like Tarzan from each corner, one at a time and then somehow the whole screen is shaking. Well, when Everidge and Cust are both on base, and you're sitting in section 111 in row 13, the stadium is at risk of shaking. It's a good comparison, as far as "brothers" similes will go.

In other baseball notes: it was nice to see a win. It was sad to see Dallas Braden left in one out too long. He stood there looking at his glove like he was sending secret messages to Geren: take me out! The Blue Jays got the message and Took Him Out! And, finally, I do not get the concept of pda at a ball game. OK, we know I don't get the concept of pda, period. But really, the coliseum is not a romantic place. There are loud, unromantic noises everywhere. The seats are uncomfortable. People are watching you from behind by nature of stadium seating. And if you've paid (presumably, I didn't) $40 to sit in MVP seating, why are you wasting your time making out? And don't even mention the kids, because that's just disgusting... so, so gross.

Go A's! Go next year! Go Marco Scutaro! How cool was it to see him? And why did they pinch run for him? Oh well, see you next year Marco, or tomorrow if I am awake enough to go to Rickey night! And congrats, Rickey, for being inducted! I was going to post Rickey's induction speech, but it wasn't enough of Rickey being Rickey. Someone else wrote that speech and pinched him each time he tried to go off script. It was the most boring thing ever to come out of Rickey's mouth, even if he did mention Oakland. Maybe I will go tomorrow, just to see if he gets to talk.