Monday, July 20, 2009

Go Home, Gio

I had heard enough in the 2nd tonight, but it got worse. I turned on the A's game for a second, and two pitches later, Gio Gonzalez gave up a grand slam. That was 7 runs in less than 2 complete innings. I turned it off. I turned it back on a minute ago to find out that 11 runs were charged to Gio in less than 3 innings. WHY WHY WHY? I almost went to the game tonight. Plans changed, but when I realized Gio was pitching, I was relieved that we didn't go. It's that bad- when Gio pitches I don't want to go, and I almost never listen when he's pitching. His stats kind of speak for him- why do the A's keep bringing him back, and why do they keep putting him in games? It's not like they can afford to keep putting in a guaranteed loss.

The bets predicted a shelling for Gio. Maybe the A's should start reading what the bookies are saying.


thb said...

they are hitting bottom of barrel, what does it sound like that close to the coliseum?