Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Prude, Part 3

I have mentioned before that I'm a prude. Well, apparently, even cartoons are too much for me.

I post pictures and participate in a flickr group called guesswheresf. It's just what it sounds like- a whole bunch of random pictures of places in San Francisco posted without their actual location information. Then other flickr users guess where the shots were taken. It's very esoteric, dorky, and fun.

Recently I posted this picture that I found of sgraffito (something carved in cement) that I thought was a picture of Homer Simpson as devil. I mean, it has a tail.

devilish homer

Almost immediately, someone commented (without guessing his location) that Homer actually looked more like a sperm. I shuddered, but forgot about it. Until today, when someone else posted the link to this video. That is, in fact, Homer-as-sperm, apparently from season 3. Ew, ew, ew.


Valerie said...

eeew. sperm. gross.

vianaturae said...

what do you two have against sperm?!