Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Baseball: Not for Dogs (or Cats)

When something is interesting but not appropriate for Mac, I tell him "not for dogs." He doesn't speak English (I often tease myself by telling him "speak English" when I speak to him in complete sentences) but he does understand this phrase- it's our version of "leave it." I read this article this morning about "dog days" events at the ballpark- they hold one every year at the Coliseum and Lisa Spector, the author, attended one at AT&T Park. Basically, Spector explains that the ballpark is total sensory-overload for dogs, especially in terms of sound. It's loud, people scream and cheer, there's a lot of smells and sounds and lights and crowds. It's what makes the ballpark fun for us, and really stressful for dogs.

In a bizarre coincidence, the Royals game was interrupted today by a cat on the field. Check out how stressed this cat looks- his eyes are blown and he's panting he's so stressed. (Cats don't normally pant, for you felinophobes. Pain and stress are two causes.) thinks this dog is "frolicking." I think he's panicking.


Sarah said...

I've always wondered about those dog days at the ballpark - it just doesn't seem like it would be any fun for the dogs. Now, if they let the dogs loose to chase down fly balls, THAT would be fun. Not safe or practical, but fun :)