Monday, August 03, 2009

Chloe Aridjis: Book of Clouds

After the fiasco with Bearing the Body, dad promised me that this book would be better. I think he read it because of his recent trip to Germany, or maybe it was just one of those semi-esoteric books he reads. "Book of Clouds" (side note- what's with all these books with "cloud" in the title?) is a quick read, with an almost magical note. Ex-pat loner from Mexico lives in Germany after visiting when the wall was still up. Works for a historian who deals with East/West Germany issues and has some run-ins with some fantastical issues. Aridjis leaves the reader wondering what's real and what isn't- not quite my style, but an interesting and quick read. Almost romantic, in a not-cheesy way. Also, sort of depressing, in a not cry-yourself-to-sleep way. I'm sure this is a good book for a certain reader- if I think of who you are, this book is yours!