Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rickey Henderson Day

or, themacinator gets sappy.

I almost cried. It is Rickey Henderson Day- the A's are retiring his number- and I was driving home from work and Marty Lurie was doing "Memories of the Game" and all the stories of Rickey are just so great. Rickey is so great. Rickey doing Rickey is so great. Jimmy Rollins talking about how Rickey isn't just a baseball player- he didn't just run out to left, trot to the dugout, walk to the plate, take his AB. He made the game interesting, he cared about the game, he played his part.

Apparently Rickey is Jimmy Rollins' hero. Check these videos. First is hilarious, second is touching.

Rickey holds a lot of awesome records:

1,406 Career Stolen Bases
2,295 Career Runs
2,129 Career Walks
130 Single Season Stolen Bases
He won the AL MVP in 1990, was an All-Star 10 times, had over 3,000 hits and almost 300 home runs. In 25 years, his career OBS was .820. Seriously.

And Rickey is from Oakland. Maybe a statue is in order. I have some serious hometown pride. My eyes are welling over again. I would go to the game, but I drove by at 1 o'clock and people were already showing up. When I passed the Coliseum again at 3pm, the parking lot was 1/2 full! I was at the game last night, and the 12k announced attendance was exaggerated by 3k. I don't think I'd get in if I left now at 5:18 pm. But I'm listening, and tipping my blogger-hat to Rickey. Best thing about Oakland in the '80s=Rickey. Maybe best thing about Oakland ever=Rickey.

#24 retired. Rickey lives forever.


thb said...

rollins does a very good rickey! and, if ya had to choose the pre-roids Bonds or Rickey as the best leftfielder of all time, many would choose Rickey!