Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Twitter Treats

a roundup of recent favorites from Twitter. This is a totally random post, but I need to share these articles so I can remember to blog in a more lengthy fashion about some of them later.

In animal news:
It came up in discussion the other day, but fish have vets, too. I read this article in the New York Times 5 years ago, but no one at dinner believed me. It's true. (If you believe everything you read. Apparently there are 20,000$ koi, too. Hey, read it and let me know what you think.) On a totally different animal note, this is a very strange breed specific legislation being proposed. I'm not into the article, and haven't found the text of the law without the article, but basically, the town in Mass. wants all pit bull puppies surrendered to animal control to be euthanized "in the event of a litter." The full ordinance isn't quoted, so I don't know what happens to the parents, but, uh- are they required to be altered? because if not, this is (besides being BSL which is altogether ineffective) one of the silliest examples of BSL I've ever heard of. I'm pretty sure that mom and dad of said litter will reproduce again, providing that animal owner complies and brings in litter. Talk about throwing out baby and leaving bathwater. Awesome.

In 4-years-post Katrina News:
Video has been released by the BBC that shows that Bush knew what was coming with Hurricane Katrina. OK, so we already know that Bush was a compulsive liar and lacked some fundamental curiousity, especially on things he didn't care about, like, anything that wasn't Iraq. But this video is so deeply disturbing. He just didn't care. So awful. As a followup, you may be suprised (or not) to learn that birthrates have declined dramatically in affected areas since Katrina. A thoughtful post about remembering the hurricane.

In race and social media news:
A short but fascinating look at "white flight" from various online social media venues (i.e. myspace to facebook and now to twitter?). Another article looks at the blatant faking of minorities in the media. Seriously? Whether in academic or corporate marketing materials, apparently it's cool/necessary/totally OK to coopt the images of people of color for the needs of the almighty (white?) dollar.

Some thoughts on poverty, wages, and the economy:
Why the "poverty line" is meaningless and what can be done. A look at who is benefiting from the economic recovery. (Part of me is still wondering about this "economic recovery", but give the article a chance, and suspend belief for a minute. I did.)

I'm going to leave it here- I have lots more to share, but this is random enough, and I have to get out of the house. Knock yourself out, there's good shit hidden in here.