Friday, February 12, 2010

Obsessed with Viewing

I've found a new way to lose myself in photography: ffffl* Basically, if you log in, you start with a small selection of your favorite photos on If you click one, the program chooses a selection of this photographers' favorites, and then you go from there. The pictures are slightly larger than thumbnail, and you can blow them up bigger while staying in ffffl*ckr, or you can popout to a new page, or you can "fave" the picture right while you're in the page. It's a neverending loop of visual awesomeness. Sometimes I stay with a visual theme, sometimes I hop around from photographers I can tell that I'm familiar with, sometimes I pick a subject genre, sometimes I try to find places I know. It's addicting and amazing. And as I do this, I've been making even more "galleries"- a recent flickr feature where you can "curate" 18 pictures together into a gallery. Here are mine, a work in progress. I'm always updating them, rotating the order of the pictures, editing and deleting the selections.

I've found I've been taking less pictures lately, maybe because of the visual overload in my head. And I've noticed that many of the shots I like are film, which makes me almost brave enough to pull out my film cameras again. Almost. Watch out- you might get sucked in, never to come out. ffffl*ckr is like that.