Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is How Sofa Frees Also Roll: Falling out of Windows

Almost a year ago, I wrote about children and dogs, and even me, falling out of windows. Those stupid and creepy ads went away for awhile and recently have begun reappearing all over Oakland, this time with newer, bigger, and more visible billboards. I cringe each time I see them. Again, I feel bad for children falling out of windows- recently I hear, a child even bounced off the bed and out of a window. However, the ads are creepy and disturbing and people are dying in war, crossing the border from Mexico, and of all sorts of other ways. Anyway.

Apparently, sofafrees are also falling out of windows. This is a travesty of serious proportions, and I may need to gather the troops to come up with our own ad campaign. THIS is serious business.

Main Office - El Rancho Motel - Sedalia, Mo.

(not my picture- photo credit to ricko.)