Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The HardCore Four (Plus One)

So I thought about saying we didn't go, and that's why I haven't blogged about Bring Your Own Big Wheel. But that's a lie. We went. Some of us went.

The morning of Easter, 2010, rain was in the forecast. Rain had been in the forecast, but I had been negotiating with The Person In Charge of The Weather (I don't know exactly who that person is- a higher power or just the weatherman on TV, you can make the call, but I was negotiating with That Person) and stating that it Would Not Rain. I lost in these negotiations. But the bailing on the big wheels started before the rain was serious. Both my sister and J, creator of, who had both generously offered to drive the East Bay riders and the big wheels to Potrero Hill, offered their regrets with credible complaints of the flu. Two down, about 8 Team Orange members to go.

T, M, E, and C fell to the rain. Rain??? RAIN!?!#^#@^ M asked me if I conceded, but D and I reminded her that there is no conceding in Big Wheels. So D and I loaded all the big wheels into the Volvo (remember I was driving now, which also meant I was not drinking) and set on our way. Since we didn't know until about 1 hour before who was really (not) showing, we brought All The Big Wheels. It was a tight, glittery squeeze in there.


While we were riding, I decided since T wasn't coming, and since it was really seriously cold and really seriously raining and that I really seriously wasn't drinking, I would need something to keep me warm. Something like adrenaline and danger. So I decided I would ride one of those now extraneous big wheels. It worked out great- I couldn't shoot anyway, too wet, and I definitely needed to stay warm. When we got to Potrero Hill, we met the last, hardest core, of Team Orange: V and J. We were now present, the HardCore Four. D's friend N showed up and we bestowed upon her an honorary Team Orange shirt and some orange garb and set off on our adventure. Enjoy my dismay of discovering our shortage of teammates:

I didn't get any pictures of us riding or any videos. I think this video is pretty sweet though. I rode down twice, and this is while D and J are doing their 3rd and 4th heats and I was waiting with the camera stuff. Yes, it was raining. No, we did not concede.

Racing was amazing. It was like bumper cars, only well not like that at all. It was fast and cool and pretty much something you only get to do once a year. If you do it more, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. J collected some photos of us in a gallery- that's us in the orange (right?!). This is kind of what it feels like (I swear, this is not sped up- it really feels like this. Obviously not my video.)

And for something just plain beautiful, check out this one.

Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2010 from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

It was awesome. See you, some of you, next year. And no, I did not injure myself. No, I am not kidding.


KayVee said...

All four (plus one) of us is in this video :) -->

KHB said...

You four were brave! Sorry I missed out on the fun!

Anonymous said...

blog is great~~祝你人氣高高~ ........................................