Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's the Little Things

I came home to a whole bunch of emails saying that I was "so-and-so's" new contact on flickr. I figured a new spammer had hit the big time. I get random contact adds sometime, but this was like 10. I was famous. I am famous. It turns out, I really am flickr famous.

It's the little things: one of my galleries was "flickr blogged" today. I love making galleries- I am a little compulsive about collecting things and a lot of time when I'm browsing ffflckr, I add my favorite shots to the galleries. They're all works in progress- I add and delete shots all the time. I'm sort of surprised some of those shots are still in that gallery, honestly

The blog.

The gallery.

I'm not into photography for recognition. I kind of scorn people who seem into it for the glory of it all, even on the small scale. (I admit, I feel like a hipster when I do this: I am into the gear, into the scene, but I scorn people who seem to be into it to be seen. I know, I know.) I do it because I love it, because it gets me out, it helps me see the world. But it was awesome to come home and see people seeing my way of seeing.

And they're not even my pictures!