Monday, July 26, 2010

Perks and Quirks

There are some weird perks of my job. There are some weird things about me, and my roommate, T. It's true. I'm not going to pretend.

One day, the same day as a massive cock fight, actually, I was flagged down and asked to pick up a cow head. Not a cow, just a cow head. I picked it up. I was fascinated by it, and more importantly, knew that T would be even more fascinated by it. She studied animals in college. Like, not animal shelter animals, animal animals. Dead animals and how animals work and stuff. Biology. That kind of thing. I called her, and told her I had something Very Exciting for her. I told you, we're weird. We took it back to the shelter, and, well, cleaned it. It wasn't clean enough, so we left it in the very back of the backyard.

Maybe 6 months later, new people moved in upstairs. They called our landlord and asked him if he knew there was a cow head in the backyard. He told them to call us, because yes, he knew there was a cow head in the backyard. He knows we're weird. Periodically, we would talk about the cow head, but no one ever fished the cow head out and the ivy grew over the cow head.

Some strange things happened yesterday, and T and I were having beer in the backyard. She was supervising my usage of power tools. (Someone should always supervise both my beer intake and my usage of power tools. She obviously wasn't doing a very good job, since I was intaking beer AND using power tools....) We decided to fish the cow head out. I did this with the power tool. (See above comment about how T wasn't doing a very good job of supervision.) The cow head looks great. It is dry, there is nothing gross left. Proof:


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