Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mac on Vacation

(I promise, posts with more substance will return soon. But I'm on vacation. is in vacation mode. Can you blame me?)

T reminds me how ridonculous Mac was on the beach this time. If you look at that picture of Mac (yes, definitely check out the other kids, too), the thing hanging out of his mouth is a piece of kelp. I couldn't find a "monkey" (all of his toys are "monkeys") that was beach appropriate. Once Mac gets into toy mode, it's really hard to get his toy back from him. So tennis balls are just too much on the beach, and that's all I had around. So I took him down to the beach and hoped to find an appropriate stick. Only, we found kelp first. Kelp is Mac's new favorite toy.

One day, we actually did play with a stick. Mac would only catch it two times, then he had to come back to the house.



He HAD to come back to the house. He wouldn't play any more. I made him walk with me, but play time was over, according to Mac. I wouldn't let him bring his stick into the house, and he wouldn't let me have his stick, so he stayed on the porch, with his stick in his mouth, for 20 minutes. I eventually traded him for treats, and he came inside.

(same dog, same stick, same day, different camera. noticeable difference)

Mac loves vacation. His whole life is vacation, really. But at the beach, he gets to go on the beach, he gets to play with monkeys in a big house, he gets to take walks with no stressful c.a.t.s, and this time he got to hang out with Auntie T a whole lot. I hope you enjoyed looking at him enjoy his vacation- just watching his happy mug makes my day.



Anonymous said...

So glad you three had a great vacation! Pic of Mac at sundown is fab!!! Me