Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Princess and the Bone

(as opposed to the pea. He *does* know how to eat peas.)

Most dogs eat bones like so:

This is Abby, of Running With Dogs fame, demonstrating proper bone eating technique. You can sort of see one of her paws under the bone. Another paw is raised, ready to pin down the bone, as if it were a hand, helping to get the food into the mouth. This is useful, especially if the bones are awkwardly shaped.

Here, Pocket demonstrates this type of awkwardly shaped tasty morsel (a bull penis). Soon, she too will settle down and use her paws to manipulate the food into her mouth. Smart dog!

Everyone knows Mole is a wise older fellow, but this photo demonstrates that this paw technique is useful. The bone is now empty of its innards, and Mole looks content, and happy.

Contrast this with my very lovable, very dumb, and VERY prissy dog. Mac does not like his feet to get dirty. Anyone who thought pit bulls were rough-and-tumble dogs has not met Mac.

He started like so, and it took him a LONG time to realize he could lie down.


Prior to lying down, he stooped. This allowed him slightly different angles on the bone. Very clever, Mac.


Genius dog finally lies down, and picks up giant bone in his mouth, rather than holding it. Notice where his feet are- as far away from giant bone as possible.


Genius dog finally gets comfortable. I think the missing paw in this picture may actually be tucked UNDER him, to avoid contamination from messy messy food.


Finally, a closeup on the extremes to which Mac will go to avoid touching his food. Contrast this with the success Mole had eating his food. It's a good thing I love him, because this dog... If a dog can't even eat properly?