Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I Am Sad About the A's

It is not because they were eliminated today- it's impressive they made it so far. I am sad because they are old. Older than me. (Well, not all of them, but too many.) Which makes their upside not very great.

Let's have a look, shall we?

Boof Bonser, relief pitcher: DOB: Oct 14, 1981. Career experience: 19 wins, 25 losses. 5.23 ERA. 107 Appearances in parts of 4 major league seasons. He's almost 29.

Bobby Cramer, starting pitcher: DOB: Oct 28, 1979. Debuted this month. He's almost 31. Career experience: 2-1 including a not terribly bad start I saw last night. Not terribly good, either, for a 31 year old rookie.

Justin James, I think a relief pitcher: DOB: Sep 13, 1981. Grand total of 4 innings pitched, all this month. Just turned 29.

Jeff Larish, supposedly first base: DOB: Oct 11, 1982. OK, he's practically a kid, and a veteran at a career 95 games in parts of 3 seasons. At almost 28 that's not too bad, right?

Steve Tolleson, second base and wherever else the A's feel like playing this stunner: DOB: Nov 1, 1983. Debuted April of this year. Another kid, he has a grand total of 47 at bats at almost 27 years of age.

Matt Carson, outfielder: DOB: Jul 1, 1981. Debuted September of last year and in his 40+ games has a stunning batting average below .200. It's ok, he's got 11 years till 40.

These are only some of the guys on the active roster- I've lost track of the 25 other guys who have been up and down and up and down this year. I know, we're all getting older. I'm getting older and self conscious about it. And they can always have cruciate repair surgery or Tommy John or something else. But with "rebuilding" always on the horizon, this makes me despair.

Go A's. Next year in Jerusalem. Or Fremont.