Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cuz Mac is Back

(that's a Mary J Blige reference...)

Thanks to everyone who commented, called and emailed to check on Mac. He's doing great on his new pain meds- a muscle relaxant and a temporary does of prednisone. He's got a disc issue down there by the lumbar sacral thing, and hopefully it will resolve itself by somehow calcifying (or something?) and then the pain will go away, or some other way that I can't remember. Regardless, the medications have brought my normal, wiggly, soft body Mac back. No more mincing!

I know he's still old, and that this stuff isn't going away. But having Mac back reminds me where he was, and that keeping him comfortable is critical. It keeps me comfortable, on the selfish side, but as I wrote a few days ago, I owe the Professor this much.


Rinalia said...

Will keep up with the good thoughts for Mac. You are good for each other.

harleymom said...

So glad he is feeling better. I would hate to think of a Mac who couldn't "shred it up"