Sunday, October 24, 2010

To Every (Baseball) Season

A little over a year ago, I redefined Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is kicking in a little early this year- standard time, or whatever it's called when the time changes, hasn't even happened yet. What has happened is that the Phillies lost yesterday, and baseball season is really truly over for me. I honestly don't care about the Giants. I just don't. I am thrilled that the Yankees didn't make it to the Series, but I could care less about the Rangers, and while it's nice to see a local team in the Series, seeing the Giants play only-a-little-less-worse than the Phils in Game 6 doesn't exactly make me want to root for them. Brian Wilson creeps me out, their infield is mediocre, and they just don't have my boyfriend, Joe Blanton.

I was excited to go shoot some stuff in the city today, but it was raining. I adore the rain, but the downpour cramped my public transit style. And this is how SAD begins: baseball ends, the days get shorter, shooting gets more difficult, and malaise sets in. Woe, woe is themacinator.