Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Introducing The Year of the Bug

or The Year of the Bull or The Year of the Monkey (I haven't decided on the final title yet- suggestions appreciated!).

Many people participate in 365 photos a year. For example, see V's new project. J just finished her year in spectacular style with The Stranger Project. This is way too ambitious for me. I know I can't do it. I can barely wake up 365 days a year. I thought about doing it once, with Mac, and got bored after about 4 days. I thought about doing it with an iPhone once, since that seemed doable, but again, too easy to forget.

But someone suggested I do 52 weeks of Mac. This seems doable. I'm sure it won't happen in its entirety, but I'm trying.

So here's the first week- I started with a signature sofafree and Mac. The photo didn't satisfy me, but I failed yesterday and needed to get it done today before the light failed and work started up again tomorrow. The members of the 52 Weeks for Dogs group on flickr are extremely talented, generous and inspiring- with their help, I'm hoping I can do this! And hoping Mac will remember his love for the camera!!

1/52: subject 1 and 2