Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Will the Glory Never Cease?

Mac's introduction to the Year of The Bug Made the "Picture of the Day" feature at Oakland Local. The fame keeps rushing in.

While flattered, I was a little disturbed with the title and caption: "Sofa, um, sold" was the title, along with the caption "Looks like he just "finished" the last person who attempted mess with his find."

Sure, it's easy to laugh hardy-har-har when the joke is directed at someone ELSE's pit bull, but that's MY bull they're taunting! And it's easy to say, well, fame is good, right? But in the pit bull world, some people are known to say "no news is good news." I hope I was nice, but clear, with my response:
well, more like he'd like to lick anyone who appreciates the beauty of a fine sofafree.

we appreciate you featuring mac and sofafree on your blog, and appreciate you appreciating that he doesn't eat people :)

(Sidenote: This is part of why Mac wears sweaters so often. How can you dis a dog in pink?!)


Eunice Yooni Kim said...

Mac's a star! Happy new year!!!!!!!