Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Year of the Bug: Bath Attack

Mac doing his signature Macneuver, the shake (seen many moons ago). I suppose it doesn't really count when he's doing it like a normal dog because he's wet...

This was NOT the planned shot. I'm not going to give away the planned shot except to say that it was a major fail. I'm finding this project hard in an unexpected way- I was expecting it to be hard to find the time/inspiration/initiative to do this every week, but I'm loving it. The hard thing is that I've never really done posed pictures, even with Mac. Sometimes I'll have him sit and shoot him because he's So Damn Cute, but really, it's only when I'm inspired. I see something, I shoot it. I don't pose things or rearrange them, even slightly. It feels weird. But Mac always looks the same. And I keep getting these comments about how sad and forlorn he looks. He kind of does, in the pictures, even though he's not. If you know Mac, you know he's not forlorn. If you don't know Mac, and have read this blog at all, you know a forlorn Mac, even for a minute, is cause for alarm. So posing him has been a challenge. And posing him with treats is a challenge because training is Very Exciting and there goes the pose. We'll see how this goes- training and photography technique apparently go hand in hand. Surprise every time.

week 8/52: poochy bath aftermath