Friday, April 29, 2011

And Out: Mac in LA

This week's picture also is a take off from another shot. Last January V and I went to the Salton Sea to visit the mud. That's not really why we went, but that's what we did. Right now I'm in Los Angeles, and it is NOT muddy at all. It's hot, very hot, with no mud in sight. It's actually beautiful- I say that with a hint of embarrassment in my voice, since I have complained about LA non-stop since pretty much I was born. And Mac and I have been walking non-stop. We're staying in the same hotel as we did with V, where she took these awesome pictures:

The Big Mac Theory

Big Mac

So for this week, I took this one, inspired by her shots. He couldn't even open his eyes.

Week 17: And Out


Gene said...

Mac looks, dare I say it, dog tired.

KayVee said...

Awww poor Mac <3

Luisa said...

Such great, great photos. You and Mac are both totally ossum. [Also: love the book reviews!]