Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Introducing "coordinated"

I take many, many, MANY pictures that I don't post anywhere, like flickr or twitter or here. Anyone who follows any of these social media things (and, as is customary and expected, I will make the obligatory comment about how I don't expect there are too many people) should be glad that I don't post all of these pictures. But I take them, and sometimes I want to share them. Mostly, I take pictures of patterns that I see- repeated themes- memes if you will. Sofafree (I think the plural of "sofafree" is "sofafree", not "sofafrees"). Condiments. Graffiti. Signs. Things that I find beautiful or intriguing, or interesting in the way they repeat, but are different (same same, but different). So I decided to launch a blog, named after V's excellent eye for all things matching. The blog is on tumblr, and very much a work in progress, but hopefully you'll find it a useful waste of time.

Check out coordinated.

And yes, Oakland Murals hasn't been updated for awhile. I'm desperately in need of another theme that I like better, one that still showcases photos, and allows me to map things out, but it easier. Wordpress people? Anyone?


thb said...

I see you are ever pattern matching. A skill and an illness...