Monday, April 11, 2011

Mac and the Bean

Week three of funemployment has begun and I'm starting to think about the rest of my life. OK, not the rest of my life, but what to do next. I spent this weekend at the beach and took not-my-dog to the amazing dog beach in Carmel. Stella loved the beach!

Mac did NOT go to the dog beach, of course. He did however, go on a couple of walks with Stella (aka the Bean). If you don't know Mac, or dog language in general, this video is going to be Really Boring. Mac is "unique" around dogs. I've written a little about his skills. In this video, Mac is about as happy as he gets with other dogs. His whole body shows a Happy Dog. Stella puts him at ease, without touching him, or even really looking at him.

(sucky youtube removed my sound!)


Running With Dogs said...

He looks so proud to be showing his new girlfriend around his place!