Sunday, April 24, 2011

Year of the Bug: Racer Mac

Mac is ready for the Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race that starts this afternoon:

Week 16: Racer Mac

You may remember this picture from its predecessor, when T got all dressed up for big wheel two years ago (the wig is an addition- I wore it last year. Or maybe V wore it, I can't remember).

ready to go

And some outtakes:

Mac gets his hair done

T picks Mac up and positions him appropriately

Mac gets his hair re-done


Running With Dogs said...

Love the finished product! super handsome!

Marji said...

Mac and Mina should win a contest for being super patient models.

KayVee said...

That was your wig. I had the orange afro.

I love his face where he's getting "his hair did".

Anonymous said...

Did Mac ride? He looks so cute! Did you ride or shoot? Met some people at Can't Fail who rode and said 4,000 riders this that possible?