Sunday, April 17, 2011

Year of the the Bug: The Bone Collector

Week 15: The Bone Collector

Almost a month ago Izaichenko posted the (much better) inspiration for this shot, and I keep finding other things to get in the way of me taking this shot. She said that someone challenged her to post a picture of her dog, Jack's, favorite toy, and that every toy is his favorite toy, but that she rounded up the toys and he picked all the bones out of the toy basket.

Well, Mac's toys are all called monkeys, and his favorite monkey, hands down, is his bone. He loves his other toys, and sometimes will pull a scrap of an old toy out of his toy basket and want to play with that. But often I'll tell him to "go get his monkey" and he'll go searching for a bone to play with. I can't really play with a bone, but he will throw it around for a minute then start chewing on it like it's some good fun. It is weird to see where he finds these bones- deep in the depths of his bed, in my bed, under the laundry, in the corner of my room, etc. sometimes they're right in the middle of the room, and I've been known to puncture my foot on the sharp edges of them. I'm never quite sure how they get to these places, but I guess Mac leaves them there, or I throw them there to get out of my bed or my way. I try to throw them out so they don't get too dry, but there are always more. When I pulled them out for this shot, i found 8 in his bed alone. His bed is NOT very big.

I thought I'd continue on the food theme here, but not gross people out as much, hopefully...