Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Year of the Bug: #buginarug

Week 20: #buginarug

So, this totally isn't the shot I was doing. It wasn't even an outtake- it was a pretake, when I was trying to set up the lighting and angle and stuff. Not even the lighting, because I don't do that. The ISO, aperature, etc. Then I put an A's hat on, because I knew that Mac would look so pathetic- he hates having things on his head and he's so tired of this project.

But that was the point: the A's suck, and being an A's fan is pathetic. And there we have it. Every day I listen, which is somewhat pathetic, and masochistic, and maybe even bizarre. It's like maybe THIS year, THIS week, THIS game they can do it. But they can't. They're pathetic.

But I liked this shot- I'm doing a series on Instagram, hence the hashtag, called #buginarug. You can see it here: of Mac in various forms of tucked-in-ness. He can't tuck himself in, so he's always got part of his body under the covers, or when I tuck him in, part of his body out of the covers. Smart dogs figure this out, but he's, you know, almost 10, and not quite there yet.

By the way, this is apparently the 500th post on Anti-climactic, but we also didn't die yesterday, so, I guess it is what it is.