Monday, July 04, 2011

Year of the Bug: Bucket Brigade

Week 26: Bucket Brigade

It's county fair season and the original idea was to have mac pose with something from the fair but i failed to find the appropriate prop. I found this plastic fire hat at a game at the carnival part, and the carny told me it didn't belong to anyone, so I took it. My boyfriend suggested Mac pose with a bucket. I couldn't figure out what on earth we was talking about, but duh, it's the old timey fire fighting tool. Of course, our bucket is plastic, and the red-cross is actually orange duct tape, but I figure it fits perfectly with the pit bull firefighter, the garden hose, and a plastic hat.

No one can say he looks depressed in this shot- look at that tail and his longing eyes at my photo assistant's cheese!!

Note: I absolutely can't believe this year is half over. I'm sad about this- it's the all-star break coming up, so baseball season is also half over, which we all know means depression. It means winter is coming up, and it means I *really* need to find a job.