Sunday, July 24, 2011

Year of the Bug: Embarrasment of Riches

Week 29: Embarrasment of Riches

If you know Mac in person, or study his every hair follicle and body change in pictures, you can see that he is not quite himself in this picture. He's feeling unwell, and has been for awhile, but the changes seem to be accelerating, and I'm starting to take them more seriously. You can see the baldness and head-discoloration on his head above his eyes, and his "puffy" look around the face and neck here- that's why he's not wearing his collar. His neck around his lymph nodes keeps swelling to the point I have to take his collar off. I have blood work in process, and I'm going to have them run another test for cushing's. Hopefully it's nothing. Actually, hopefully it's SOMETHING, something fairly mild that can be treated/managed with a pill.

I'm fairly philosophical about this right now. Since the big scare almost a year ago, I've sort of come to terms with the fact that Mac has been a long wonderful life lesson, and that I have gotten more from him than I can ever give him, except a soft bed and a life free of pain. I mean, intellectually I know that, so right now I'm just trying to make him comfortable and figure out exactly what is going on ASAP. He's not really in pain, right now, but clearly there's something wrong- my room is covered with the hair he is blowing off, he's blowing up like a blimp, then dropping down then blowing up again, and he's agitated at times. But I know we'll figure it out, so I'm calm. It's not like when he hurt his back and the dog was so clearly suffering. I know he is, and that he's being stoic, but it's not as acute.

So here he is, getting ready to enjoy his dinner.