Sunday, July 31, 2011

Year of the Bug: Photo Head

Week 30: Photo Head

so mac is apparently fine. the vet as decided on an "allergic reaction" to an unknown event. i'm going with that for now since i have no other alternative, really. all of his bloodwork was normal, and nothing really fits, so, allergic reaction to nothing in particular it is.

he's definitely feeling better- it was a challenge to take this shot because he was so wound up. on the other hand, he was doing that weird arousal thing that has been going on the past two months and is very un-mac-like. my boyfriend is here, though, and was trying to be my photo-assistant. we have to remember not to do that again.

the point was to get mac in front of the fauxlaroid-wall, and i knew it was going to be hard, since the fauxlaroids are a little too high for mac's head. he just would not hold still. hopefully by the end of the year, they'll be a little lower down and we can get a shot with the full bokeh effect.


Gene said...

Glad to hear Mac is feeling better.