Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Year of the Bug: Trifecta

Week 28: Trifecta

(Posted on Flickr on Wednesday for Sofafree Wednesday)

Taken for:
Year of the Bug
'Roid Week 2011

A strange thing happened while I was taking this picture. This is the "usual spot" by my house, which is a very quiet spot. But this time, along with 2 sofafrees, there was a strange old white man with those new giant earphones who had decided this underpass was the perfect place to wax his nice car. He had picked the spot directly next to the box of rotting animal that has been sitting there for weeks. I have no idea what kind of rotting animal it is, but it's so rotted that all that is left is juice and really really bad smell. Why this man was standing next to it was a mystery.

There was also a "three seater sleeper" Oakland Public Works truck parked in front of a dumpster, so I felt like I had to hurry, in case he was going to pick up my dumpster. But he wasn't- he eventually just picked up the dumpster and left.

Then a dude with a little pushy thingy for groceries full of his life's possessions walked by on his cellphone. Only the public works man seemed to think any of this was at all odd: me with my neon green diana taking pictures of my dog hopping on and off trashed sofas, rich-looking white dude waxing his car under an underpass next to rotting goo, or dude with his life in a cart on the phone.

Ah, Oakland.


David A Wishinsky said...

Reminds me of my beloved hometown of Detroit. :)