Sunday, August 28, 2011

Year of the Bug: All Tied Up

I take pictures of tied up dogs. You can see some of them that i've taken with Instagram in this little montage:


and many more on my "All Tied Up" set:

It's one of the things I "collect" in my photography because I think it's fascinating the situations people will put their dogs in. Some of the dogs seem fine with being tied up. I used to tie Mac out for brief seconds in the first year that I had him, because he would just sit there, as he sits in the car, all alert, but not stressed. This was before he was posed a threat to small dogs, cats, or any kind of human. I never left him longer than it took to get a coffee or soda. I see dogs tied out like this, that look comfortable or relaxed, and I see dogs that are clearly bite risks, and I see dogs so stressed out they look like they're going to shit themselves. I've seen a few dogs lately tied up wearing muzzles, one dog I saw twice in front of a bag of kibble, and some dogs I see seem truly not to care that their owners aren't there. During one heatwave, I saw two dogs hiding under cars, they were so hot.

Anyway, this is Mac, tied up next to Gordos, where I see a tied out dog every single time I go. Mac was not unattended at any point. I promise blogging will resume shortly. I'm caught up in the World's Longest Book, which slowed me up, and my laptop was at the Vet. We're all good now, and should return to regularly scheduled programming.

Week 34: All Tied Up


Sarah said...

Great pictures, and an interesting topic. I really don't mind when people tie their dogs out carefully and thoughtfully, and I think that it can be done safely and repsonsibly. I sometimes tie Bella out while I run in to get coffee. But like you, I'm fascinated by the situations people will put their dogs in.

Saw a great example just today: a whippet tied to the door of a store, that lunged the full length of its leash and barked at Ro as we walked by. When I confronted the owner, her excuse/explanation was that "He's a big chicken." Huh? So you know your dog's fearful, and you tie him directly to the door of a busy store???