Saturday, October 08, 2011

Week 40: A Dual Post on the Changing of the Seasons


I usually leave Mac's 52 Weeks shots as stand-alones, but I can't leave yesterday (the Phil's elimination from the Post-Season) without saying something, and I'm in the process of writing two other posts, and I am too much of a perfectionist/symmetrist (I just made that one up) to have two separate posts on one day. And Mac's wistful longing to get out of the fucking rain is the gentle version of the morose inertia that has settled over me. April, are you here yet?!

Game 162 came and went without the usual extreme sorrow and trips to the depths of despair, becuase since the discovery that baseball is not JUST about one (shoddy) team, and the newfound discovery of a (super) backup team, my baseball pleasure has expanded immensely. I now get 324 games a year, and miraculously, a postseason. With the Phillies, you're almost guaranteed a World Series, which means an extra three weeks/month of baseball! What's not to like? Well, what's not to like is the extra adrenaline rush that sustains the season an extra five to ten games and then sends you crashing down even further into the inevitable reaches of hell that comes from worshiping at the altar of baseball, and liking Only One Sport. Wait- there *is* only one sport.

Well, last night, my (backup) team was eliminated. The season is over. I honestly don't care if the Brewers go all the way, though it would be pretty sweet to see the Brewers and the Tigers in the World Series, just for a kind old time, American dream kind of thing. I'm feeling this deep anxiety: what will I listen to at night? How will I stay up past 8pm every night? Does it matter? What did I do last year? And the year before that? WHY IS BASEBALL SUCH A CRUEL LOVER? Oh, Mac... get me a coat, and let's go inside. It's going to be a long winter.