Sunday, March 04, 2012

Year of the Bugs: Metaphoric Sofafree

metaphoric sofafree

If you think that doesn't look like a sofafree, you're right, it doesn't. Partially it's because it's not, and partially because you have to look at it through the eyes of an extremely tired themacinator to see The Real Thing. The picture that was supposed to be there was that same sofa, either outside or in a truck, but because themacinator is extremely tired, she forgot to take either of those pictures, so this is what you get: a sofa, free from his old home, basking in the light of his new home.

It's been a whirlwind month, but both the sofa and I have found ourselves caught up in foreclosure fever, something that I've been privileged enough to deal with only from afar. Sofafrees, abandoned animals, sketchy banks: these things didn't happen to me, partially because I'm economically privileged and partly because, I thought, I was a renter. Little did I know that renters who rent from nice men for 5 years aren't always renting from nice men who pay the bank. Sometimes these nice men decide to make smart business moves- these nice men rent properties for a living- and without telling their tenants, foreclose their properties. So one day I found out that my house was being auctioned, which is not the first step of a foreclosure: it's nearly the last. My landlord hadn't been paying the mortgage for a very long time. I have paid the rent every month. It may (or may not) surprise you to know that there is no law that says landlords have to use rent money to pay the mortgage. It surprised me. When I received this notice, I had lived in my house for five years and had no plans of moving. Suddenly a move was in my immediate, even though I might not have had to move: the bank or new owner may have offered me a lease. This option seemed less than desirable, for a variety of reasons, but Oakland *is* a "just cause" city, which means that there are only certain things that are cause for eviction, and foreclosure is not one of them. If you want to learn about, or need resources for, or want to support an awesome organization, check out Causa Justa: an Oakland nonprofit who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and reassuring during all of this.

Bottom line, I moved. Mac moved, and my sofa moved. A whole lot of other stuff moved, courtesy of the best sister ever, the best almost-brother-in-law ever, a not-so-bad boyfriend, and a friend of a boyfriend, and two lifted trucks. The sofafree isn't really free. The seating isn't free, it's not free from any normal sofa environment and you can't just sit on it on the street, but if you ask really nice, you can sit on it anytime. And bonus round: no bedbugs.


Luisa said...

Huge suckage about the move, but the new place looks excellent, and I covet your sofa. [Note to self: go sofa shopping.]