Monday, June 18, 2012

Gustavo Arellano: Taco USA

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I was going to put "Taco USA" down: Gustavo Arellano is a syndicated columnist with a column called "Ask a Mexican," something I didn't know when I picked the book up at the library, but something that made perfect sense about 3 pages into the book. The writing style is chatty and sort of silly, and not my style. But I stuck with the book, because the subject- Mexican food- is near to my heart, and because I actually learned some stuff. For example, did you know that canned tortillas existed? (Gross.) And Arellano's discussion of "authentic" Mexican food is quite fascinating, if underdeveloped. If you're interested in tacos, and if you live in the Bay Area, you probably are, looking for a fast read, AND don't mind being hungry for 300 straight pages, you might like this book. However, vegetarians beware: there is a *lot* of meat in this book, and it's really REALLY tempting.