Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kevin Powers: The Yellow Birds

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The quote on the cover of "The Yellow Birds" is from Tom Wolfe: "The All Quiet on the Western Front of America's Arab wars." That's a strong comparison, but really, I think maybe Kevin Powers does it. The book is hard to put down, disturbing, sparse and haunting. Clocking in at 225 pages with biggish font and taking place over maybe 8 days over the span of about 8 years, Powers does a lot with a little. We just hit 10 years in Iraq, and just like Mother Jones "we're still at war" feature (every day they have a new picture of soldiers abroad), this book is a reminder that 10 years is 10 years too many. There are no heroes in "The Yellow Birds," just war. Read it.


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Others have summarized the plot well. This novel of a soldier's time in Iraq is wonderfully written--extremely powerful, with strong imagery and packs a remarkable punch for a short novel. We will hear much more from Mr. Powers.