Monday, May 05, 2014

David Axe and Tim Hamilton: Army of God

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I think this is the third graphic novel that I've ever read. It's also the third graphic non-novel I've ever read and I'm still not quite sure why we call graphic nonfiction "graphic novels," but since I'm also still not quite sure why I'm still reading graphic nonfiction novels, I'm not really going to worry about it. "Army of God: Joseph Kony's War in Central Africa" could actually be called a graphic nonfiction novella: it's very short, clocking in at 100 pages of illustrations which contain very little text. Where "Vietnamerica" was a stunning visual piece and "Fun Home" was a striking memoir, "Army of God" is kind of like a short expose that happens to be illustrated. David Axe went to the Democratic Republic of Congo and was horrified by the carnage Joseph Kony, a lunatic leader with a fierce following was reaping on the country. He came back, and along with Tim Hamilton, put the piece to words and images. The result is kind of, well, easy to pass over, which is unfortunate, because the situation is really icky. I'm going to stick with words.


thb said...

You might try this fictional version (non-graphic?), one of THB's 2014 books:

Thirty Girls, Susan Minot (novel): Another Neutral Plus/Recommended Minus. A fictionalized story as told through two characters: a 37 year old female journalist and one of the schoolgirls abducted by the forces of Joseph Kony, a Uganda renegade leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army with some pretty crazy ideas (though he himself is a minor character). The young Buddha character is killed off near the end, which seems a very unnecessary plot device to THB. A few days after THB finished this book, 253 girls were abducted from a state school in Nigeria by an Islamist group. Life imitates art?

mamagotcha said...

I recently checked out both Fun Home and David Small's Stitches, and enjoyed them both immensely. If you liked the one, you might want to try the other.