Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rollie Loves Kids and Kids Love Rollie

Part of my job, until Friday, when the program was cut, was teaching kids. Humane education is the absolute favorite part of my week. I don't even like kids, but I love seeing them "get" it when I talk to them about responsible ownership or safety or pit bulls. I realized it was what I liked about library school- information literacy- and it was always what I liked about animal control- helping people learn to be better people to their pets. Teaching is a two way street- every time I go into a class, I learn something new about kids and how they think and learn and about how I can do better.

Today I got some amazing thank you's, many in English clearly from English learners. I teach a lesson with many components but the students really remember Rollie. I love it when they "get" the whole lesson, but I also love it when they get the safety part- maybe they won't get bit! They sent wishes for Rollie to get his sight back. I wanted to share them- photos with my slight translations below.