Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who's UnAmerican?

I've written often (and thought even more often) about what it means to be a patriot, or a nationalist. I especially think about this (and write about it) in the context of sports- which for themacinator obviously means baseball.

To review: I think that baseball is religion. And I think that baseball should be kept separate from both religion proper and the state. I also think that baseball (sports in general) are one of the places where we're encouraged to blindly participate in all kinds of distasteful (to me) rituals. Case in point: Atlanta, or the oblivious hosting of the All-Star Game in Arizona.

So, I was both shocked (like, has it gone this far?) and not surprised at all when my sister sent this to thb and me: the military is PAYING for displays of patriotism at sports games. I thought I was bad, but really? And the sports organizations have no good rationale (although really, what could they say?).