Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Eight Years Ago

I quit the internet and stopped blogging, but I'm having feelings and writing has always been my way of expressing them.

Right now, thousands of people are out in the streets in Oakland, expressing their feelings about the Trump election and I'm reminded about Obama night 8 years ago. We were so happy- we danced in the streets. It was the most wonderful, safe, communal feeling- shared elation and pride in our country finally getting something right. A black president. A turning point. One of the most amazing moments of my life. I wished my grandma had been there to see it, but was so glad I was there.

Now people are in the streets of Oakland again- burning things, shouting things and generally expressing feelings of grief, terror, sorrow, anger. I don't want to go down there. I don't know what being there would do for me, but clearly it's cathartic for some. I feel lost and terrified: all of a sudden nuclear war seems real again- that existential threat of annihilation. Hatred has triumphed over inclusion. The wall is back.

I can't believe it's been eight years since we were dancing in the street, passing celebratory glasses around with strangers. I'm gonna tip a 40 to my memories, and keep drinking.


thb said...

It is a bit of a stunner (understatement), yet the results are in line with other "western" democracies: Brexit, Germany starting to reject Merkel, growth of Le Pen in France and anti-immigration throughout Europe. Trump motivated his voters and Clinton did not motivate hers. Oh, and being a TV star helps you run a low-cost, highly covered, low morals campaign.

Unknown said...

Hey friend...I just can't believe this is real and actually happening. I know we haven't chatted in ages but I've been thinking about you a lot over the last 2 days since the results, as I was pretty sure you'd be devastated.
We had our own horror show with Brexit earlier this year, and still don't know how that will play out (badly, obviously, but we don't know what kind of badly yet). But I think this is actually so much worse for all of us. I'm just stunned. I hope things are going ok for you. Drop me a line if you come back online :)
Your old #onlineshool friend Steph

mamagotcha said...

No answers but I share your feelings, watching the protests here in Chicago. I'm glad to see you post, though, and hope life has been treating you well. xoxo, Lilith