Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Dog, The Hydrant, and Vacation

You've probably heard it, but I only heard it recently- Some days you're the dog, and some days you're the hydrant.

Until the last month, I've felt like the hydrant a lot lately. It's easy to do, and I'm not complaining or looking for pity. Nothing really substantial changed- I think mostly I was burnt out, feeling compassion fatigue. I hadn't had a vacation in a long time. I stopped accepting overtime, and in a big change for me, I took some days off. I did fun stuff. I always do as much fun stuff as I can- I go on weekly shooting (camera) outings, I go to thinks like santacon, byobw, and everyone is sick of themacinator during baseball season. But this month, I got to do it like a "normal" person, on the weekend. I went to the Sonoma County fair with M and watched dock diving and just had an awesome day. I took the day off for a photo event and didn't even go. And didn't care.

And then, my long awaited vacation arrived this week. I have 10 straight days off. I've been down at the beach with T since Tuesday and it's been amazing. I forgot what relaxing feels like. It's like a muscle relaxant. I'm the dog, not the hydrant. T makes mean mojitos, I know how to open beers, and grilled cheese is amazing sustenance. Woman can live on grilled cheese, leftovers, and grape nuts. And alcohol. We went to the hot tub. I wore a bathing suit! We walked the dogs, multiple times. Mac got to play on the beach.

Today, we tried to recreate some of our old family photos. We've never had great ones, but I was hoping for something respectable this time. With the addition of Abby (the iggy on the right in that picture), I knew things would be more complicated. I highly recommend reading T's blog for more background on just how interesting. T has done amazing work with Abby, but Abby will always be special, just like Mac is special, only in pretty much the opposite way. Mac is, in T's words today, very big, and oafy. He is. Big. And Very Oafy. Abby is small, prey-like, and was semi-feral when T got her. She's now a Real Dog with lots of skills, but still, a Big Oafy Dog? Yeah, no. Pocket and Mole know that their mom and auntie aren't going to let Big Oafy dog do anything to them, and that most of the time, he's not interested in doing anything. But maybe Abby is the smartest- one step of his doofy paw and Abby's delicate body is- I don't want to think about it.

So this is the best we got. Notice how many dogs are in the picture:


I do have one awesome shot of Mac leaping in front of Mole, Pocket, and Abby. But all there is is blurry Mac-side. We were too relaxed to attempt this again.

So here's Mac, by himself. I don't have one of Pocket, which is unfortunate, because, well, uh, she's (my favorite).



Anonymous said...

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